About Us

In recent years there has been a dramatic shift in the network marketing industry away from autoships and physical products. As an industry, we have been systematically moving to digital products, online services and cryptocurrencies.

Throughout the world, there have been significant increases in government control, loss of freedom, inflation (and in some cases hyper-inflation). This has led to fear and huge swings in the stock market, crashes in real estate, and even some families losing their life savings, their homes and in some cases even their hope.


We are here to take a stand. We will NOT accept a future without opportunity, prosperity and freedom. And for those that want to stand with us, we offer a better solution to attain an above-average life.

We are poised to help you capitalize if you choose to partner with us in growing this new movement.

Back To The Standard (BTTS) is the culmination of decades of experience in building network marketing teams, online marketing systems, and network marketing companies.

With employees and contractors located across the globe in North America, Asia, and Europe and we believe we have assembled the brightest and best in the industry to make Back To The Standard (BTTS) a household name and help you step into a bright new future.


Joel Broughton

From humble beginnings in 1999 and earning his first $6.00 check in the network marketing industry, Joel has grown to become a pre-eminent leader, trainer and owner in the industry.

In 2003, a couple of successful marketers took Joel under their wing and taught him to become both a powerhouse marketer and expert salesman, which led to his success in the industry for the last 20 years.

This is why Joel has always been passionate about teaching and training the new marketers. Despite the network marketing industry poor track record of failure, Joel still believes that everyone can be successful if they are able to conquer 2 things. A desire to succeed and the skills to succeed. Every day, he continues to be dedicated to teach the skills to succeed to anyone that is willing to bring their own desire!

Are you ready?

Joel and the BTTS Leadership Team is prepared to personally partner with you to help you succeed and put you on the right path with the right skills to achieve your dreams.